Summary of this website in English

EV2I: Electric Vehicle to Italy. Going on a holiday to Italy with an electric car.

This website is aimed at Dutch audience and therefore written in Dutch. However, this is a single page in English. A summary that explains about the project. All links point to pages in Dutch.

Nissan LEAF van Terberg Greenlease

To show that it is possible to now! We care about the environment and we think it will be a nice challenge.

By car. A 100% electric car, the Nissan LEAF. Clean and silent!

Where and when?
To Toscane in Italy, this summer. (Here is our destination, the route and planning).

Just a a family from The Hague, Holland.

The car has been made available by Terberg Greenlease.

The range of the vehicle is about 150 km. So it won’t be simple. We will take long lunch breaks to charge an extra 50 km and we will have to take 10 days for the single trip. We’ve looked into all the electricity plugs on the way and we carefully plot the route to avoid mountains as much as possible.

We’re maintaing aWeblog With daily updates.